Memandangkan Rapidshare punyalah baik hati bagi had simpanan fail sehingga 20GB sahaja, sedangkan fail-fail yang ada berjumlah hampir 100GB, maka 80GB dari fail-fail tersebut akan dipadamkan jika tidak dimuaturun dalam tempoh 90 hari dari tarikh akhir ia dimuaturun.

Oleh karena itu saudara-saudaraku sakalian yang ada, jika ada pautan yang telah mampus, sila kasi report sama gue ya. Ado maso dan kerajinan, den uploadlah balik.

Terima kasih,



Rapidshare is going to delete files that are not downloaded more than 90 days because i am 80GB over the 20GB storage limit.

So, if you care, please report to me any broken/deleted files. I’ll re-upload it when possible.

Thank you,




  1. miccy Says:

    Hi, I may have a solution that will have “preserve” your links at RS. I found this at another forum and involves using flashget. So credit goes to the originator (not me).


    As most of you probably know, Rapidshare is going to delete Files from XXL Premium Accounts which haven’t been dowloaded for more than 90 Days.

    I used the following Procedure to refresh the Downloaddates for about 270Gigs of Files on my Premiumaccounts.

    You need Flashget and an USB Stick(preferably a smaller one)

    Save Files on your USB Stick until only 1 – 3 MB Freespace are left

    Start Flashget, go to Options, Connections and set simultaneous Downloads to 1

    Set your USB Stick as Downloadfolder, fill in your Account Login

    Export your Rapidsharelinks, copy them into Flashget and off you go.
    Due to the lack of Freespace the downloading of the File is aborted and Flashget tries to download the next on the List.
    This goes on until all Links are “downloaded”.
    For refreshing my 270 Gigs Rapidshare deducted about 520 MB from my Account.

    It took about 45 Minutes to refresh 3200 Links

    Sweet, all this time i never noticed it! hehe
    thx man!

    * You can also create a macro to load 8 files at a time on flashget, start downloading for 5 seconds and then delete them.
    If you make this once then its only a button away to reload the links each time. I use jbit macro recorder.


    send me mail if need more info

  2. wayangmalaysia Says:

    wow, so if there is a will, there is always a way huh. 🙂
    i’ll try the stick first, i’ll let you know if it works. if not work, i’ll let you know also.

    “For refreshing my 270 Gigs Rapidshare deducted about 520 MB from my Account.” do you mean rapidshare still delete your files? i do not understand. if u make all the files active, why RS still delete it?

  3. aioxen Says:

    sini ada solution….

  4. wayangmalaysia Says:

    thanks bro xen, i’ll look into it.

  5. wayangmalaysia Says:

    Aisehmen, cannot open la bro xen the link.

  6. aioxen Says:

    haih…baru 2 3 ari ni dia wat hal lak….

  7. wayangmalaysia Says:

    itu la pasai…

  8. miccy Says:

    Try this:

    RapidRefresh 1.0 By CMS

    This program will extend your files life by downloading critical files (just part), i.e.
    these files which will be deleted soon.

    1. Enter your login info (both custom login and “Customer-ID” are supported).
    2. Click on Import files > Import Files from Premium Zone (+ toolbar button)
    3. Mark critical files using checkboxes (use Check Files> Check files which will be deleted in …)
    4. Click on Refresh button (“Play” button)

    For more RapidShare tools visit

    If you have a lot of Premium Points, you may wish to support our
    RapidGrab project – Free RapidShare downloads for everyone (


    Hope this help as well

  9. taiko Says:

    apsal xpkai usaupload atau divshare je?

  10. candleprince Says:

    hukla..kedekut sih rapidshare…sedey citer melayu mmg tk boleh bertahan seed pun kt torrent..

  11. budakbaik Says:

    Guna je la fileshare lain.megaupload ke ape ke.lg senang.bleh download bnyak2 xyah tunggu..

  12. Yaz Okulu Says:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  13. skyll Says:

    bro..klu nak upload mai datang forum aku dan pm aku..

    aku kasi rapidshare sampai 2009…orait?

  14. hosmu Says:

    bro.. kenapa delete file kl menjerit?
    baru abis cd1.

  15. akid Says:

    bos leh tlg aku x. aku tgh cari filem AMELIA joe wing & ruhil tu

  16. apisfires Says:

    ada cite melayu rock 2005 x?
    aku mau download

  17. langmerah Says:

    cite movie gemerlapan ade tak…..kalu ade tlg uplode….

  18. langmerah Says:

    cite fenomena skali ekk….

  19. kedah Says:

    ade tak cerita MUALLAF by YASMIN AHMAD?

  20. kedah Says:


  21. kyo_9 Says:

    ak pon tgh cari movie muallaf~ 😀

  22. agu Says:

    saya nak movie muallaf juga…tolong bagi torrent untuk muallaf

  23. Shaunte Says:

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